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About NorwegianForest Cat ;Temperament and Price


What was your reaction the first time seeing Norwegian forest cats playing. Every pet lover thinks about temperament before looking at the price tag. They love to investigate counters, bookcases, and the loftiest peaks of their cat trees. Wegies as nicknamed, are active and playful and retain their fun-loving spirit well into adulthood, but don’t be fooled by the breed’s impressive muscles and all-weather exterior. They are sweet, friendly, and family-oriented, and they love their human companions.

Also, They are all strong, silent types. They are conversely great purrers, particularly when perched beside their favorite humans. Outgoing and gregarious, they tend not to bond with one person, but rather love everyone unconditionally and enthusiastically.


The length is usually equal to the body from the base of tail to the base of neck and this depends on the Norwegian Forest Cat Price of the various food items given in his or her nutrition manual. Forest cats are Long and bushy. Broader at the base. May have guard hairs.

Medium, with hind legs longer than front legs, making the rump higher than the shoulders. Thighs are heavily muscled; lower legs are substantial. When viewed from the rear, back legs are straight. When viewed from the front the paws appear to be “toe out.” Large round, firm paws with heavy tufting between toes.

No doubt-No doubt, they are solidly muscled and well-balanced, moderate in length, substantial bone structure, with powerful appearance showing a broad chest and considerable girth without being fat. Most Males may be large and imposing; females may be more refined and smaller.


Feeding for my Forest Cats plays a big role to their overall nature. As a groomer it hels us bond even more. These cats are rigidly muscled but should never become fat. Keeping your cat lean is the best way to prevent weight-related health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, and hip dysplasia, which can be compounded by excess weight. Feeds cost varies.

Feed your cat measured amounts of food at least twice a day. Don’t leave food out all day; free-fed cats tend to snack more than necessary, which can lead to excess weight gain. Ask your veterinarian or breeder for advice about healthy food for your baby.

The groomer is charged with various feeding routines ready to be transferred to the buyer. Hope you're ready.


We are a small Cat cattery located in central CA dedicated to showing and breeding the wonderful Norwegian cat breed. Our commitment extend to our various Cat prices. You can find us at many of the Forest Cat Groomer CFA shows. Now never forget we are open to all Cat lovers. Do not be worried about costs. If you are interested in knowing more about the breed or getting on the list to adopt a kitten or retired show or breeding cat drop us a line or reach us at our email below.
If you would like to know more about the origin and the correct Traditional appearance of this cat then please view this
Norwegian Cat Youtube video.
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So now i get My toes Bite quite Often and when I Holler Ouch she Bites More And i put Sock On also. She like To Play Tug a war, but she so sweet.
Kayla Carthie
I want to start by saying how glad I am that I this cattery from my google search. Even after having cats all my life, i gained me lots of hints and tips for keeping our baby happy and healthy. We LOVE "Buster" and know he will be with us for years to come!
Ragen Downs
North Dakota
Ellie Mae is the queen of my house.....and she knows it. Ellie's parents must be bossy. She runs this household. Haha. She is bringing so much joy to us...She sleeps right between us.
I found Forest Cat Groomers two years ago when we got our Khloe. i enjoyed all their messages. They became so helpful throughout the process and answered my millions of questions, no matter how silly they seemed. I knew after our first experience I was hooked
Gary Jibson


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